Terms of Service


Hudson Compost Services LLC
Curbside Pickup Plans

These terms of service govern the policies for the use of curbside food scrap pickup provided by Hudson Compost Services LLC (“HCS”) to its members. This contract clarifies the role of the member in the HCS curbside food scrap pickup service. Please read carefully, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@hudsoncompost.com

Sign Up
Upon sign-up, HCS will send the new member a Welcome Email within 24 hours providing next steps. If the member has signed up in person, they will receive the member starter kit after sign-up and walk away with their kit. If the member signs up online, HCS will drop off the starter kit within 5 business days of member sign-up. The HCS starter kit includes a 5-gallon bin, kitchen bin (1-gallon), 1 week’s worth of compostable liners, and a composting guide. 5-gallon bins are odor proof, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and kitchen bins are compact, designed to remain indoors. After the member receives their starter kit, HCS will start pickups on the date listed in the new member Welcome Email.

Weekly Pickups
Each member will receive an email notification the evening before the pickup day, specifying the time frame at which the pickup will occur. During that time frame, HCS will come by, pick up the contents of the member’s 5-gallon bin, and place it back on the curb of the residence. If a member has signed up for a compostable bag subscription, HCS will leave the new bags at this time.

HCS Bins
HCS asks that all members only use the labeled 5-gallon bins for weekly curbside pickup. This allows HCS team members to easily locate and identify bins. Members should dump the contents of their smaller kitchen bins into the 5-gallon bin for pickups. During a member’s subscription, HCS retains ownership of both the 5-gallon and kitchen bin. If a member chooses to cancel their service at any time, HCS reserves the right to retrieve both bins. If a 5-gallon bin becomes lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise deemed non-functional by the HCS Team, a member must pay the bin replacement fee of $20.00 and HCS will drop off a new bucket during the member’s next scheduled pickup.

Additional HCS Bins
If a member happens to produce more food scraps than what fits in a single 5-gallon bin, HCS offers additional bin services for its members. The fee associated with an additional 5-gallon bin is a $20.00 one-time bin fee and an additional $2.00 per week added to the member’s current subscription. For example, if a member has two 5-gallon bins for weekly pickups, they will be charged $364.00 annually or $34.64 monthly. If a member would like an additional, or replacement, kitchen bin, the one-time fee associated is $10.00. This link can be found on our website. If a member loses their 5-gallon bin, or wishes to sign up for our additional 5-gallon bin plan, HCS will drop off the new bin on the member’s following pickup day.

Placement of bins for pickups
HCS is a curbside pickup service. The evening or morning before pickups, all members are required to leave the bin within 6ft of the curb of the designated residence. The member’s 5-gallon bin must be visible from the street and in an accessible location for the HCS pickup team. If HCS does not see a member’s bin at a residence during the designated pickup time and date, HCS will inform the member that the bin could not be located.

Planned Pickup Absence
If a member plans on missing a week of pickups, they are required to notify HCS by emailing support@hudsoncompost.com a minimum of one week prior to the pickup date.

Compostable liners
HCS requires that all members use BPI certified compostable liners. A member may use either 5-gallon bin liners, or kitchen bin liners. HCS also offers a weekly kitchen bin liner subscription, in which 1.4 gallon liners will be delivered to members during weekly pickups accordingly. Members can then more easily transport compost from the kitchen bin into the 5-gallon bin for pickups.