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HCS is currently operating in Hastings on Hudson, Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, and Tarrytown (New York).

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Composting is an environmentally friendly practice that reduces food waste in landfills, cuts down on plastic bags, lowers your greenhouse gas footprint, and supports natural fertilizer production.




Since we began, HCS has been working hard to make sure our operations are fully carbon neutral and that we have an overall postive impact on our local and global environment. In addition to helping local communities divert food waste away from landfills, HCS also pays to offset our carbon footprint for every mile we drive and are in the process of joining “1% for the Planet”.

Our Team

HCS was originally created and is currently managed by Jude Joerger, Max Schapiro, and Ben Wan. At the time, they were a group of Hastings High School students craving to make an impact on their town, but more importantly the environment. Coming from families of avid composters, the three noticed a bottleneck within the process of producing food waste due to having to drive to the local drop off site to dispose of it. Realizing others face this same challenge and potential drawback within the highly beneficial process of composting locally, their idea came to fruition. As Jude, Max, And Ben are currently attending college , Jonny Amaral and Oliver Fuchs, current HHS students, are managing the labor-oriented tasks from Hastings.


University of Wisconsin-Madison '24
Hastings High School '20


University of Arizona '24
Hastings High School '20


USC Iovine and Young Academy '21
Hastings High School '17